Myanmar and its Energy Sector in Fast Forward Transition

A country of 55 million population with plenty of untapped natural resources (oil, gas, minerals), and some 50 years ago it was still among the leaders in the education and industry development in Asia. In 2016 Myanmar got its first elected civilian Government in 50 years. Now people are enjoying long-awaited freedoms, and all seem to agree that there is no returning back to old ways.

ll power generation investments which are connected to national grid are managed by the Union Government at Nay Pyi Taw. Myanmar’s 14 regional Governments have authority to decide of the new projects which have less than 30MW capacity and are located in off-grid areas. As Regional Governments have now been also given small additional budget allocations from the central Government, suddenly e.g. off-grid biomass power solutions utilizing locally grown energy wood, forest- or agriculture-waste, have become viable option.

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