Renewable Energy in Thailand to double by 2030

Since 2004, Thailand has been among the forerunners in Asia in promoting alternative energy development via government policies and investment incentives. In early 2019, the national Power Development Plan (PDP) and the Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP) were approved, marking the continuation of this trend. Renewable energy in Thailand is projected to be 30% of the total energy production by 2037, jumping from the current 14.5%, with big Thailand state-owned and private-sector conglomerates taking the lead.

Of the 29.4GW which was allocated to the renewable energy in the latest PDP update early this year, the quota proportions for each type of renewable energy is as follows (including existing and new capacity by 2037):

  • Solar: 15,574 MW
  • Biomass: 5,786 MW
  • Wind: 2,989 MW
  • Biogas: 928 MW
  • Municipal solid waste: 900 MW
  • Industrial waste: 75 MW
  • Small hydro: 188 MW
  • Large hydro: 2,918 MW

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